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What is Social Media?

Like traditional marketing, social media marketing shares the same branding and messaging goals, but differs in its execution. Social media marketing, is a form of Internet Marketing conducted through the many social outlets and opportunities present on the Internet, including social networks, communities, blogs, forums and other emerging forms of online media.

Unlike traditional marketing, Social media marketing takes a much more subtle approach because any activity in this arena must be catered to the community-based nature of the social outlet that it serves. An effective social media marketing campaign must stimulate interest and participation from its target audience without breaking the bonds of consumer trust.

Social Media Marketing is one of the fastest, easiest and less expensive means of online marketing strategy to drive millions of customers. Still many companies do not use this marketing to stay touch with current and potential customers. Our highly experienced social media experts can offer training and consulting or all your social media account.

Social Media Marketing allows you to connect with customers like never before. Tweak Digital Marketing has mastered social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Tweak Digital Marketingcan also develop a social media marketing strategy. The Tweak Digital Marketing team develops a social media strategy that fits your business, your target audience and your marketing goals.

Tweak Digital Marketing can also manage your social media marketing and build your network organically. We understand how to gain attention for business through social media marketing.

What Social Media Marketing Can Do for You

Online prospects or customers that come to your site as a result of word of mouth (a referral from a social media site or word of mouth from a friend or colleague) convert into qualified leads and paying customers at a rate much higher than typical website visitors… as much as 4X higher.

The realm of social media is a terrific place to build a loyal base of fans, to involve customers in your product development, elicit feedback, pro-actively address service issues, even turn over some of your support tasks to your most loyal and competent advocates, partners and customers. At Tweak Digital Marketing we have the experience to help you find the vehicle and approach that will work best for your company.

Strengthening brands and creating positive buzz online is what Social Media Marketing by Tweak Digital Marketing is all about.  Contact Tweak Digital Marketing today via our Contact form or call us at (888)989-3257  to discuss how Social Media Marketing can help you meet your business goals

Types of SMM Services Available

Tweak Digital Marketing offers the following Social Media Marketing services: