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Our Approach

At the core of our business is the importance of bringing together all of the central disciplines – marketing, design and technology – under one roof.

We begin any project by asking the client the fundamental question; “why are you planning to spend money on digital marketing”? It is critical that there is a clear understanding of the business case for the project before design, content and programming get underway.

From a design perspective, there are two key aspects to our approach:

  • Our design team work hand in-glove with the information architects, front end and back end developers. This means that they understand how the Web works from a technical and usability point of view. The result is designs that work. In other words, we don’t hand developers great looking designs that are either impossible or unwise to implement from a user experience point of view.
  • Our designers are qualified in graphic design. We take tremendous pride applying the fundamentals of good design – especially typography – to digital media. We believe that less is often more when it comes to good web design but achieving what we call “elegant simplicity” only comes with years of training and experience.

In terms of development, we are inspired by high-class engineering and go to great lengths to ensure that the code we produce is of the highest quality and meets industry-recognised standards.

The launch of a new website is normally the beginning not the end of our relationship with a client. Right from the outset, we will be talking to you about how your site can be turned into a powerful marketing and business tool. We would look to develop a plan of continuous improvement to the website alongside a range of digital marketing activities that drive targeted traffic and encourage repeat visits.

Finally, we take accountability very seriously. Key performance indicators (KPIs) related to the overall project objectives are identified as early as possible and once the site is live we look to monitor the KPIs on a regular basis. However, we go beyond simply producing statistics. Our job is to provide analysis, insight and ultimately recommendations on how to improve performance.